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Airuyin 02
(12.20.10) Oops! Updated on SJ but forgot to update here. 18 hours late /fail

Shortest tentacle rape scene ever (it wasn't actual rape).

The vote incentive is the sketch for this page. I remember being so proud of that open hand in panel 3, haha... but at least I've gotten better since!

I am trying to raise money for a scanner big enough to scan the Senka pages, so that I don't have to waste so much time stitching the scans. I need about $170. There's a Donate button on Black Dram, so if you'd like to help me stay sane, you can.
I've also still got the first chapter books for sale, if you want something in return for your money (but I still need to sell a few books before that money starts counting towards the scanner).

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