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Airuyin 05
(12.29.10) Heeey it's a familiar face. Two of them even - the fat guy behind the counter ended up becoming the apothecary from chapter 1.
And gigantic bowls.

The vote incentive is the Garen Yeshise alphabet. I did not provide the "translations" of the sounds, I'll leave that up to you. I did group them, though. There are two big clumps of consonants and vowels, and some stand-alone symbols that do not fall squarely into one or the other, plus some modifiers.
This alphabet might go some revisions before it appears in Senka, as there is a sound I want to take out, and a few I want to add that would make the sound of the language flow better.

And if you're not interested, then perhaps vote anyway?

Also, I just realized that I posted the first seven pages of this comic as vote incentives when Senka first started. Oops! But the ones I'm posting now are higher res, and I will post more of them this time.

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