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Airuyin 15
(02.02.11) This is one thing that hasn't changed between Airuyin and Senka - Shiun is still an ass.

That's it! I had more of it thumbed out but I never scanned those pages. In summary: Nara goes to see a priest about monu, he gives his view on it (not quite the same as Shiun's), cautions her not to drink it. She does. Gets attacked. Shiun kills the thing. Half of what he said in this chapter was a lie and he did it just to make the creature attack, since that's the only state in which he can get at it. The end. The whole chapter would've been about 24-26 pages, I crapped out on page 19.

So, about Senka...
Chapter 2 hates me. I'm thinking of putting it on hold and doing chapter 3 instead, which of course doesn't rely on chapter 2.
Digital or traditional? Am I the only one who cares?
...if it's any comfort, I feel pretty horrible about not updating Senka. It's somewhat mitigated by the size of my... buffer on Black Dram, but I know most of you don't read that.


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